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Fuzz Lord - Fuzz Lord (2018)

Fuzzlord S-T.jpg

RELEASE 23 March 2018

Past praise for Fuzz Lord:

Fuzz Lord lives up to its name with a crushing yet melodic output of heavy stoner/doom. The guitars attack with progressive intros and interludes with an asphyxiating rhythm drenched in fuzzy groove. The vocals command like a whiskey driven pirate exploring the stage like a ship on shark infested waters.' -The Ripple Effect

Introducing Fuzz Lord, the heaviest band out of Chillicothe, Ohio!!!  After spending a serious amount of time drinking and listening to tunes for their radio show The Fuzzdome (COREOFDESTRUCTIONRADIO.COM), DJ Fuzz Lord and Lord Buzz decided to bring their ideas and conceptions of heavy to life with FUZZ LORD.

After recruiting Stoner Dan Riley on Bass, the bone-crushing three-piece power trio recorded their debut EP The Key in Silence which combined slow grooves with fuzzed-out heavy guitar riffs. Now in 2018, Fuzz Lord will unleash their tale of the rise of Hades with their self-titled LP released on CD and Cassette on March 23rd via Fuzzdoom Records.

Fuzz Lord is:

Steven 'Fuzz Lord' - Guitar
Lawrence 'Lord Buzz' - Drums/Vocals
Stoner Dan Riley - Bass/Vocals

All songs written by Fuzz Lord
All Lyrics written by Dan Riley

Engineered and Recorded by Dan Riley in Dan's Basement
Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato @ Sonelab Studio
Mastered by Mark Miller @ Sonelab Studio

Cover Art by W. Ralph Walters

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The Fallen Prodigy - Relive//Regret//Repeat (2018)


New York's THE FALLEN PRODIGY return with Relive//Regret//Repeat which is the follow-up to their 2015 EP Passengers. The album consists of 11 stunning metal tracks influenced by a myriad of modern metal elements and is highly recommended for fans of Trivium, Killswitch Engage, and Arch Enemy.

About The Fallen Prodigy:

 The Fallen Prodigy is a metal band based in NYC. Back in 2014, the band solidified their lineup and wasted no time putting together music that can crush the stereotypes that may surround the metal genre. Through hard work, dedication, and great music, The Fallen Prodigy sets out to bring something new and unique back to the metal scene. 

The Fallen Prodigy is:

Jay Jimenez - Vocals
Andrew Padilla - Guitar
Daniel Davenel - Guitar
Jonathan Rodriguez - Bass
Joseph Falzone - Drums
All Songs written and performed by The Fallen Prodigy
The Fallen Prodigy Music (BMI)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Randy Pasquarella - Pasquarella Recordings
Live Shots taken by Christina Grande - Christina Grande Photography
The Fallen Prodigy Logo & Symbol by Alsaud Soulieman - Alsaud's Artworks
Artwork and Package Layout by Rob Walden - Rob Walden Design

Track listing:
1. Extinct
2. Boy Who Cried Wolf
3. Regret
4. Stray
5. Misery
6. Eighty-Sixed
7. Composure (feat. Lauren Babic)
8. Fractured
9. Repeat (feat. Will Ramos)
10. Relive (feat. Angel Vivaldi)
11. Endure

Frontline - State Of Rock +2 (2018 re-issue)

FRONTLINE_State Of Rock_3000x3000px.jpg

RELEASE 27 April 2018

FRONTLINE from Nürnberg, Germany belong to the pioneers of the German hard rock scene. Founded in 1989 by Robert Böbel (guitars, keyboards; EVIDENCE ONE, PHANTOM V), Stephan Kämmerer (vocals), Thomas Riess (bass) und Stephan Bayerlein (drums), their debut album “The State Of Rock” finally hit the stores in 1994 – a true classic which until today still is regarded as the finest album of the band by many. This record also meant the breakthrough for the guys in Japan where they reached # 10 in the rock sales charts. Straightly after the release, FRONTLINE went on tour in Europe and had the honour to open for various great acts such as GOTTHARD, CRASH TEST DUMMIES, BONFIRE, TYKETTO and CASANOVA.
In 1995,  FRONTLINE pulled out the full acoustic album „Two Faced“. However, personal differences within the band followed and ended up in the departure of Stephan Bayerlein and Thomas Riess in 1996. They were replaced by Thomas „Hutch“ Bauer (Bass) und Rami Ali (Drums; EVIDENCE ONE, SHYLOCK). Still in the same year, FRONTLINE signed a record deal with a new label, recorded the single “Man In Motion” and the album “Heroes” which though officially only saw the light of day in Japan since their European label went out of business.
One year later, the band decided to start working on another new album which is well known under it’s working title “Heroes II” amongst the fans but never saw a release. Due to a complicated contractual situation many labels feared to contact FRONTLINE during the following years and the band went back to the underground again until Georg Siegl at AOR Heaven finally showed his interest in the band in the year 2000 and signed them for the first time. Just one month later, the album “Right Attitude” was released which can be regarded as a sort of compilation out of both “Heroes” albums …and “Right Attitude” became a huge success for the band again! The recordings for their 2002 output “Against The World” started the same year, and this album finally re-established FRONTLINE on the international hard rock market.
Throughout the months after the release of the best of compilation “Almost Unreleased” (2003) which also featured a couple of rare tracks for the fans, FRONTLINE again went into the studio and started to work on a new album called “The Seventh Sign” (2004). In the year 2006, the last studio album the German group called “Circles” was released.
On April 27th 2018, AOR Heaven now will re-issue the rare and out of print album “The State Of Rock” with two bonus tracks as a limited edition of 1000 copies. The album was  re-mastered by guitarist Robby Böbel.

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Heartwind - Higher And Higher (2018)

HEARTWIND - Higher And Higher_3000x3000px.jpg

RELEASE 27 April 2018

With members from bands like Constancia, The Poodles, Token, Narnia and Essence of Sorrow, and with guest stars Nina Söderquist (Bjorn Skifs/Badrock, Champions of Rock a.o.), Janne Stark (Grand Design, Mountain of Power a.o.), and Tåve Wanning (The Voice, Adrenaline Rush, Peaches), new melodic hard rockers Heartwind may come across as one of those one off band projects, but nothing could be more far from the truth. Heartwind is the story of two old friends, with a common love for classical melodic hard rock and AOR, that after fifteen years of friendship started to write the album they always had wanted to listen to themselves. Over a meal in downtown Stockholm, guitar player and songwriter Goran Engvall (former with Hitworks) and progressive/melodic keyboard player and fellow songwriter Mikael Rosengren (Constancia, Token, Scudiero), laid down the vision for what was yet to come. 15 original songs and 12 months later, Mikael started to pull some strings from his many fellow musicians in the Swedish hard rock scene since 20 years back. The two songwriters were amazed with the positive response they got on their first demos, from hard rock industry people & fans. It became evident that they were going to be able to attract some great talent to the album and the band. Believing in the importance of fellowship and a strong people fit when starting a band, Mikael and Göran started to dig in closest ground: Drummer Peter TrumPeter Svensson (Constancia, Faith) and singer Germán Pascual (Narnia, Dj Mendez, Essence of Sorrow), happily joined the band, and two key pieces of the puzzle came into place. With Peter and Germán onboard, the band knew they had both a powerful backbone and a phenomenal front man in place!

Germán invited his old friends, and former band mates, guitar virtuoso Martin Hall (Germán Pascual band) and bass wizard Germain Leth (The Poodles, Watchmen) to join the band and magic was about to happen. When also the very well respected Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Firespawn, Eclipse, Scudiero a.o.), accepted to team up to produce and mix, the band knew they had something special going. Fredrik’s contribution also as a musician on the album (guitar & bass) cannot be underestimated.

With classical albums like Hysteria (Def Leppard), 1987 (Whitesnake) and Escape (Journey) serving as inspiration, the intention from the band has been to get every single track to stand on its own two feet! Timeless melodic hard rock with a modern but still genuine sound!
After publishing a short teaser on Youtube, just before X-mas 2017, Heartwind stood ready as a band and was offered record deals by no less than three (!) different labels. Heartwind washappy to sign with AOR Heaven in early January and making an old dream come true.

The album is mixed and produced by Fredrik Folkare, Chrome Studios, and mastered by Erik Mårtensson, Blowout Productions (Eclipse, Ammunition, WET a.o).
Heartwind is ready to rock the world!


RUSTY NAILS - Seasons Of Hatred (2018)


Rusty Nails new album Seasons Of Hatred is a modern heavy metal album. The main theme played around with is Hate and the whole album revolves around the concepts of hatred, anger and disappointment. The Love generation has failed and the next generation will be made up by those who have lost all hope and are tired of being fooled by politicians, employers and lovers. Now is time to get shit done, no matter how!

From the musical side, the album is dominated by fast-paced raging riffs which often subside into a less hurried, more controlled beats. Steaming upfront lyrics entwine with searing guitar solos, creating a weave that brings reminiscences of the 80’s but also adds a 21st century kick to the mixture. Seasons Of Hatred is prime time Rusty Nails at their best.

Track By Track Breakdown:
After the intro track Minutes Of Hatred, the albums opening song is Years Of Rage. Its lyrics are a clear tribute to George Orwell’s 1984: “Ministry of Truth is lying all the way”. This song inspired the album’s cover, which is also a representation of an Orwellian scene.

Day Of Punishment follows. Here the listener will meet Charon, the dark ferryman of Hades who carries damned souls to eternal retribution.

Dagon is another literature inspired song with lyrics spawning from the Lovecraft cosmogony and has a pretty sinister interlude.

Mind Control was originally the title-track of Rusty Nails’ 2011 EP. It represents the trait d’union with the band’s past. It also contains another hint of Orwell.

Out Of This World explores the inner thoughts of an “old boy”: he does not belong to “modern” society. His peers are lesser and empty. He should have been born in another time and another place.

The Outer Lords is an articulate song, in which lyrics and riffs overlap to take the listener on an epic interstellar ride.

The End Of All Days is the closing song of the album. It takes place during the time of the Spanish Conquistadors, taking a peek at the last breaths of a dying civilization.

Seasons Of Hatred | Released on March 20th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Minutes Of Hatred | 02. Years Of Rage | 03. Day Of Punishment | 04. Dagon | 05. Mind Control | 06. Out Of This World | 07. The Outer Lords | 08. The End Of All Days

Recorded at RedWall Studios (Livorno, Italy) by Nicola Capitini. Mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studios (Rome, Italy) by Stefano Morabito. Produced by Rusty Nails. Additional keyboards on Track 1 by Luca Guidi (New Horizons, Fall of Darkness)

Rusty Nails are:
Paolo Billi – Vocals | Claudio Della Bruna – Rhythm Guitar | Matteo Santoni – Lead Guitar | Federico Viviani – Drums | Alessandro Crecchi – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud | On Sliptrick

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Crosson - Invincible (2018)

CROSSON Invincible Album Cover.jpg

RELEASE 27 April 2018

CROSSON are back!!! Following the release of their critically acclaimed 2016 album “Spreading The Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease”, Australia based Futuristic Theatrical Rock Warriors CROSSON are back with their new album „Invincible“. Once again mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (OZZY OSBOURNE, MÖTLEY CRÜE, ALICE COOPER), and mastered by U.S mastering legend Dave Donnelly (AEROSMITH, KISS, WHITESNAKE), „Invincible“ delivers CROSSON’s own brand of uplifting catchy rock anthems with loud guitars, big harmonies and a blistering production. „Invincible“ is 10 notches up from where Crosson left off with „Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease“. The songwriting and production has leaped in great bounds and the album will have you shamelessly singing along to the catchy choruses while leaving your ears bleeding”., says bandleader and mastermind Jason Crosson. If „Spreading the Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease“ sparked people’s attention, „Invincible“ will have them jumping aboard the CROSSON rebel train. The opening track „Rock Warriors“ is an anthemic tribute to all the metal / rock bands and artists who laid the foundations for the genre and kept it alive and kicking for decades, whilst the first single „Never Give Up“ is an inspirational and catchy as Chlamydia track with a strong 80’s Bon Jovi vibe that would even make Desmond Child tap his feet. The album’s only ballad “Unconditional Love” is a duet with renowned Finnish singer / actress JESSICA WOLFF, with the music video shot in Australia and Croatia by award winning feature film and music video director Steve Ravic (DORO, MANOWAR, RHAPSODY). Nothing can prepare you for the visual onslaught CROSSON delivers in its live show. Numerous costume changes, blended with high-energy choreography, smoke, sirens, and catchy rock anthems makes the CROSSON live show a “seen-to-be-believed” entertaining experience. “If you like the of idea of KISS and Motley Crue crossed with The Darkness and Steel Panther, you’re gonna love CROSSON” - Xavier Russell (Classic Rock Magazine AOR).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossonrock
Website: www.crosson.com.au
Line Up:
Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys: Jason Crosson
Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Joel McDonald
Drums: Jordan McDonald
Bass: Dario Bortolin
Lead and Backing Vocals on Unconditional Love: Jessica Wolff
Discography: 2016 Spreading The Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease, 2018 Invincible

Hypnotheticall - Synchreality (2018)

Hypnotheticall debuts in 2002 with an EP entitled "In Need Of A God?", followed by "Thorns" in 2003 and by "Fragments Of Truth" in 2006!!! A completely self-produced triptych that only in the latest phase is able to lead to the first record deal!!!
During these five years the band deals with various concerts consolidating its reputation of technical and solid band and gets very good reviews, a good critical acclaim culminating in a record deal signed with INSANITY RECORDS, Polish label particularly impressed by the band's progressive metal proposal!!! "Dead World" is born, first official full-length album accompanied by a video clip of the single "Fear Of A Suffocated Wrath"!!!
It's 2009 and the band, after several dates in the north of Italy, faces the first strong line-up change!!! The drummer Paolo Veronese and the singer Francesco Dal Barco pass the baton to Francesco Tresca and Marco Ciscato!!! In the line-up there's also a place for keyboardist Davide Pretto who, along with guitarists Giuseppe Zaupa and Mirko Marchesini and bassist Luca Capalbo, records the band's second official full-length album called "A Farewell To Gravity", published by the Italian label LOGIC (IL) LOGIC!!!
The album, promoted by several videos, interviews and various concerts culminating with the participation at the MASTERS OF ROCK Festival in Czech Republic, receives great reviews highlightning the band's personality and variety of style!!!
In 2014 the band tackles the last change of skin becoming a creature with 4 heads!!!
Giuseppe Zaupa and Luca Capalbo square the circle by incorporating the technical and incisive style of drummer Giulio Cariolato and the versatile and charismatic voice of Davide Pellichero!!!
With this line-up the band records a first single entitled "Awake(ning)", publishing it in February 2016 and jumping headlong into the writing of the third official full-length album which will see the light in 2017!!!

Davide Pellichero - Vocals
Giuseppe Zaupa - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Programming Luca Capalbo - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Giulio Cariolato - Drums

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Serpico - Rock Tattoo (2018)


Hardest rock album of the 2018 comes from Pori, Finland. As Serpico turbo-charges it's furious hard rock'n'roll on their new album "Rock Tattoo".

Serpico has become familiar by their praised music videos and active touring around Europe. Their new album doesn't let You down. Fast speed and danger is present all the time on this future classic of rock 'n' roll!

GRAVESHADOW - Ambition’s Price (2018)

    Release date: April 13, 2018

The stunning and detailed cover art for Ambition’s Price was created by Serbian fantasy graphic designer Dusan Markovic (Jag Panzer, Seven Kingdoms, Mystic Prophecy). Pre-order the CD at the label’s site at www.m-theoryaudio.com/store

“The album title and artwork were directly inspired by events that occurred within Graveshadow over the past few years,” explains the band. “With all the incredible experiences that have come with the evolution of our musical family, a great deal of sacrifice has been given by every member of the band in the pursuit of our dreams. Though the price of our ambition still weighs heavy in our hearts, we are proud of what we have accomplished with this album and are excited by what the future may hold.”

Ambition’s Price features Heather Michele’s powerful vocals that range from operatic highs to unearthly growls backed by crushing guitars, beautiful keyboard melodies, thundering bass, and earth-shattering drums creating a rich and dynamic atmosphere that is ripe for storytelling. Whether it is a tale of personal struggle or of fantastical creatures, the listener is sure to find themselves immersed in a world apart. The new album was produced and mixed by Armand John Anthony (Night Demon, The Fucking Wrath, Gygax), and mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering (Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth, Origin) and is the follow-up to the group’s Mausoleum Records’ debut, Nocturnal Resurrection, from 2015. Since its release, GRAVESHADOW have toured with the likes of Arkona, Sirenia, Anvil, Night Demon and Unleash the Archers steadily building a following and reputation.

GRAVESHADOW is poised and ready to leave a lasting impact within the metal community. With an electrifying stage show and a sound as large as the Dragons of Westeros, they are as talented as they are unforgettable.

For more information:


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2 SHADOWS - Transference (2016)

Vancouver, BC's 2 SHADOWS will be embarking on their spring 2018 cross Canada "Feed The Obscene Tour". The tour will kick off in their hometown of Vancouver, BC on April 27th and head east as far as Montreal, QC and back, wrapping up in Vernon, BC on May 27th. Inspired by Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Motionless In White, Rammstein, and Asking Alexandria, 2 SHADOWS are a heavy, dark, theatrical, and energetic experience not to be missed. Their live set is constantly building and evolving into a stage show that's different and exciting.

The band comments: 

"2 Shadows is very excited to be hitting the road again in April/ May and to be able to venture into new territories we have not been. We hope to bring our music too, and meet as many new people as we can. We are coming for you Canada!"

The quartet unleashed their debut album "Transference" with their fan loved and infectious singles "Ill Treatment" and "D.E.A.D. (Man With No Face)" in 2016 and haven't stopped looking back, performing all over the Canadian West Coast. On "Transference"2 SHADOWS offer fans eight tracks that are a journey and therapy session with its deep lyrical content and each song telling a different story that's very honest and in your face.

Music Video - Ill Treatment - https://youtu.be/kj-BlY43hk0

Music Video - D.E.A.D. (Man With No Face) - https://youtu.be/THgkgTavJnc“Transference” is available on iTunes | Spotify | Google Play and all major online retailers.

Track Listing:
1. Transference (Pt.1) (1:29)
2. We Bleed The Same (3:48)
3. Ill Treatment (4:18)
4. Irreconcilable (4:10)
5. Transference (Pt.2) (1:14)
6. D.E.A.D (Man With No Face) (4:12)
7. Like A Revolver (3:36)
8. Devil You Know (5:23)
Album Length: 28:12
Album Band Line Up:
Tryst Germaine – Guitar
Wade Nicholl – Drums
Dana Kempf – Vocals
Live Band Line Up: 
Mike Horvath – Lead Vocals
Tryst Germaine – Guitar
James Holder – Guitar
Sterling Paterson – Drums

For more info:

Monsterworks - Scale and Probability (2018)


Anglo-Antipodean Monsterworks to release new album Scale and Probability on Eat Lead and Die Music. 
The Fermi Paradox asks: "why, in a vast universe where the probability of life evolving in multiple places would seem a certainty, have we not made contact with other civilisations?" Monsterworks' sixteenth album Scale and Probability attempts to answer that question.
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales (Queen, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Coldplay, ugh) and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden the band has gone for a full dynamic range approach to its music. Frontman Jon says:

'While there is a growing movement towards dynamic metal production, it is still all too common for the music we love to be overcompressed to make it sound louder, known as 'brickwalling', crushing the natural dynamics and causing listener fatigue. My band may have even been guilty of it a bit in the past, but no more. I urge you to demand the best sound quality from other bands and record labels. Full Dynamic Range or nothing (and not charging extra for it in an HD download). Not everyone can afford to record in great studios, but everyone can take the sensible decision not to ruin their own music during the mastering process in a futile attempt to fight and lose in the Loudness Wars..... and don't even get me started on drums that sound like typewriters and guitar amp simulation software! This has been a public service announcement.... also please buy our album.'

Monsterworks' Scale and Probability will be available as an FDR HD lossless download through Bandcamp with a PDF lyric book (honestly, it is stupid that most bands don't offer this simple added extra). CDs, vinyl and especially cassettes are made from dead dinosaurs and are inferior sound sources to an HD download. That is science. You are of course welcome to download a 320kbps MP3 rather than the lossless version because, honestly, science also says you won't be able to tell the difference, but its nice to know what we deliver is in the same form it left the studio.



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Sense Of Fear - As The Ages Passing By... (2018)


Hailing from Greece, heavy/thrash metal band SENSE OF FEAR sign a worldwide deal for the release of “As The Ages Passing By…” with Rockshots Records.
Formed in late ‘90s, as the band’s name suggests, their sound reminds to very deep and dark feelings, blended with power and aggressive tones. “Fear” is a key instinct for humans to survive.

The debut album “As The Ages Passing By…” is a result of almost 20 years working hard on the songs, each one picked up carefully and with a unique story to tell alongside a deep feeling within. All the lyrics come from personal experiences and emotions, and these are a way to express ourselves and fight the personal demons. Each song has its own gravity to the album, and all together create SENSE OF FEAR’s presentation to the world as a band and as musicians.

The blending of every metal genre in a total personal way makes this record a release you don’t want to miss, as it turns the old style into something new and innovative!

All the album tracks have been recorded at Valve Studio in Thessaloniki by Stratos "Strutter" Karagiannidis (Gus G , Wardrum), mixed and mastered at Music Factory and Prophecy Studios in Kempten-ALLGÄU, Germany by R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Devil's Train) & C. Schmid.

The album's artwork has been designed and edited by Colin Marks,(Nevermore, Exodus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Jeff Loomis, Xerath, Sylosis).

The new album “As The Ages Passing By…” is set to be released via Rockshots Records on April 20, 2018.

01. Molten Core
02. Slaughter of Innocence
03. Black Hole
04. Angel of Steel
05. The Song Of A Nightingale
06. Torture of Mind
07. Lord Of the World
08. Unbreached Walls
09. Sense Of Fear
10. As The Ages Passing By, Time Still Runs Against Us 

PRE-ORDER – http://bit.ly/SenseOfFear_PREORDER
Listen to “Molten Core” Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/F2JiNREnE34
Ilias Kytidis - Vocals
Ioannis Kikis - Guitar/Vocals
Themis Iakovidis - Guitar
Dimitris Gkatziaris - Bass
Markos Kikis - Drums

Souls Apart STL. - Beautiful (Single 2018)

Souls Apart STL. are from St. Louis and all of them been in the music business for over 20 years.
This is the first single from our upcoming cd be out in a few months.

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SLEEP IN HEADS - On The Air (2018)

"On The Air" Out March 1st via Noizr

L-R - Roman (Drums), Sonya (Vocals), Fann (Bass), Serj (Guitars), Natali (Violins)
Photo Credit:  Galyna Dobrydina

Formed in 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine's atmospheric prog metal rockers SLEEP IN HEADS will be unleashing their debut full-length album "On the Air" on March 1st via Noizr. Before it's officially out, the band have teamed up with Prog-Sphere for the exclusive full stream of their debut album. If you're a fan of bands like Opeth, Porcupine Tree, The Gathering, Katatonia, Anekdoten, Anathema, The Pineapple Thief you are not going to want to miss this one. The quintet offer fans quality crafted dreamscapes, groovy riffs, charming female vocals and violins, all blended into a dynamic musical journey.

Vocalist and band lyricist Sonya comments:
"The album's title "On the Air" perfectly reflects its concept - it's a life here and now, a life filled with all kinds of emotions, events, moods, like a song on the air. Each track encourages you not to become isolated, but to be open and sincere. Live so as not to destroy that important balance between your consciousness and the world."

Track Listing:
1. Pacifying (7:35)
2. Vagrant (6:47)
3. Deceiver (4:42)
4. Time Like the Sand  (6:37)
5. Blue Fear (7:00)
6. Secret Shelter (7:18)
Album Length: 40:01

For more info:

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Oceans - Far From Composure (2018)

On March 13th 2018 UK Alternative/Hard Rock/Post-Hardcore band OCEANS will release their new EP Far From Composure. The album is highly recommended for fans of  Deftones, Of Mice And Men, Incubus, Don Broco and Underoath.

The band commented:  "March 13th sets a huge milestone in Oceans career as we drop our EP 'Far From Composure'!  We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we've been working so hard towards."

The band will be holding a release show at The Hope & Ruin Brighton. You can find more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/345551375926894/

About Oceans:

Determination and passion is the bread and vegan-butter of this Brighton and London UK based rock band. Oceans are scribing their name into 2018 with permanent ink. Their surprise EP ‘Far From Composure’ contains all the elements of their formidable sound, with post-hardcore and alternative rock influences. With a glimpse into how 2018 is going to go down, get ready to learn the real sound of an ocean.


Zach Silver - Vocals
Conor Hyde - Guitar
Tom Hollands - Guitar
Jack Warren - Bass
James Gillingham - Drums

Recorded/Produced & Mixed By Chris Edkin

*Photo credit Jennifer Sanson


1. Ctrl
2. Skin
3. Surrender
4. Running Away
5. Adapt
6. Dopamine
7. Out Of This World


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/oceansukband/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/oceansukband
Instagram - http://instagram.com/oceansukband
Twitter - https://twitter.com/oceansukband

Marcelo Paganini - B4ever Now (2018)

Guitar Virtuoso Marcelo Paganini Releases New EP Feat. Pink Floyd’s Durga McBroom & Jazz Legend Deodato 

On July 2016 French-Brazilian guitar virtuoso Marcelo Paganini had a “what if” moment and asked common friend Fernando Perdomo to help him get in touch with Pink Floyd’s singer Durga McBroom about recording some vocals on a couple of songs. The stars were aligned, Durga was touring Italy and agreed to come to Marcelo Paganini’s studio  in the Normandy’s countryside in France  for a couple of days in early August.

They recorded a 4 songs EP  “B4ever now” being released digitally and on CD on CD Baby and digital platforms on March the first 2018. The songs are: “Crying with a smile”, then 2 songs with jazz legend Eumir Deodato “2001” on keys: “Last BART to San Bruno” and “B4ever now”. The last song is “2012 Space Traffic Jam”, from the critically acclaimed album of same name released in 2014, like all the other songs on this EP. The songs  were all re-mixed and re-mastered. New arrangements with Durga’s vocal make it a completely new musical experience. Even for those who know the 2014 versions. Prog rock jazz fusion for the digital space age, with guitar and vocals out of this world.

“Working with Marcelo Paganini was one of the most unique experiences of my career. It will make a great chapter in my autobiography. He is the quintessential mad prog rock musician – think of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but instead of a magician’s hat he is using a guitar to create a chaotic, mystical masterpiece.” – Durga McBroom

Joking about the song title “2012 Space Traffic Jam”, Marcelo Paganini laughs: “Looks like the UFO Space Traffic Jam is just above our heads on planet Earth, I mean…  Did you see the videos on the mainstream press? Too many UFOs to hide Mode: On…” The cosmic surreal cover art  featuring Marcelo Paganini, Durga McBroom and Eumir Deodato was done by French artist Raquel de Miranda.

Marcelo Paganini recorded all the guitars and most of the keyboards in all songs, Marc Madoré played bass and Gary Husband played drums. “I lived all my life to record with those wonderful musicians and specially with Durga McBroom. She have it all, her voice is pure passion and magical powers, she is simply the very best. Durga McBroom put my music in another dimension. And what a talent in front of a camera, just stunning… Miracles DO happen. Be careful about what you wish for: she came, she sang, then she left… Now I have the rest of my life to deal with it…  At least I have, and now with this release we all have, the music and the films… That I hope will bring more music and films together and specially live shows. Now Durga is living in Italy. Who will be the first prog festival to book us?”

Marcelo Paganini worked night and day for months on the “Crying with a smile” experimental short film, that will go into the film festivals circuit first, before being posted on the Internet. A 43 seconds teaser is available on YouTube and Facebook. “The song was about human life and death, when I lost my grand father in 1989. Then I moved to New York City… Lots of people everywhere in the free wild 90’s Times Square…. It was all about people’s life and death… But it changed after a river called ‘Rio Doce’, died in Brazil in 2015, because of greed. Nobody talks about it. Then the film became about the survival of rivers, oceans, blood, sweat and tears, in other words, life… The small village we see in the film with the wonderful bridge, the Sarthe River and the small chappell is Saint Cenery le Gerei in France. Just a few miles away from my studio”. Another short film is on the making for the song “B4ever now”.

Marcelo Paganini met Durga McBroom for the first time on Cruise to the Edge in 2015, after winning a Facebook contest at the last minute. Written in the stars? It was a life change experience for many reasons for Marcelo Paganini, “any prog rock lovers must go at least once in their lifetimes. Especially singers and musicians… A musical prog cruise with the coolest people inside that are your next best friends… In one word: GO. Thank you Larry Morand, I wrote a song about my cruise experience that will be on my next album called ‘Captain’s face’ for the man I never met but had such a big impact in my life and musical direction. Since the McBroom sisters will already be on board, of course I dream about being booked on the next Cruise to the Edge.”

Since the release of “2012 Space Traffic Jam” in January 2014, Marcelo Paganini toured Brazil in December 2014 to release the album there, making the musical film “First time in Rio” live. In the Fall 2017 Marcelo Paganini released the album in France at Reveillon Jazz Cafe in September. In October Marcelo Paganini made a new musical film “Live at Music Alençon” with new keyboard player Ricardo Fiuza, Marc Madoré on bass and Christophe Bras on drums. Some short videos published on Facebook already got thousands of views. More will be posted soon…

For more information:

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Link to video teaser Marcelo Paganini new band “Live at Music Alençon”:

To purchase Marcelo Paganini’s 4-song EP “B4ever now”: http://www.cdbaby.com/marcelopaganini4


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