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Murkocet - Digging Mercy's Grave (2017)

MURKOCET is a cutthroat American heavy metal band from the desert of Phoenix Arizona formed in 2013. MURKOCET; a substance directly attributed to the aggressive and often times violent actions of it's user; which in essence is their music. These Phoenix, Arizona's heavy metal slayers released their debut album "Digging Mercy's Grave on January 14th, 2017. The record is a remorselessly punishing hurricane encompassing a calming string instrumental which symbolizes the eye of this chaotic storm. Two of the album's tracks have been aired on Phoenix's 98KUPD "Into The Pit" and another was chosen by indie horror film director, Bob Clark (Reel Bloody Films) to be the title track of his movie, "Strip Club Massacre". Murkocet’s lineup consists of vocalist Richie Jano, guitarist Nate Garrett, drummer Mike Mays and bassist Brandon Raeburn.


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VITAL BREATH - Angels Of Light (2017)

Release: 15 September 2017
Fans of Alter Bridge, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, or Dream Theater should enjoy this French band.

No man is a prophet in his own land! 
Vital Breath  is well aware of this. There‘s no other band like them in France. This makes them feel like aliens there.
The band believe in their own music which mixing many influences of modern metal music, American rock, metal progressive, alternative rock and a touch of catchy pop melodies. 
All texts and musics are written by Jérôme Ponsolle (lead vocal and guitar). Each piece is carefully arranged and orchestrated by the rest of the group. All songs deal with topics such as human relations, societal issues, the perception of good and evil, life, death, beliefs, ecology, and the complexity of our world today. A mixture of zen, hope, inner torture and outlet.
After the first album "Duality, which was well received by musical critics and the public, the 12 tracks of the new album "Angel of lights" received a careful production and adapted to the progressive style of the group (mix and mastering by Olivier Didillon). The pianos and strings arrangements made by Julien Spreutels (Ethernity, Epysode, Noveria), add an accomplishment to the work realized by the group.
Vital Breath line-up
Jérôme Ponsolle on lead vocals and guitar,
François Brisk on the drums (ex Dyslesia - Virus IV)
Wayne Loeuillet (ex the Great Beyond) on the guitar
Christophe Blanc-Tailleur on the bass guitar (Anasazi - Kranks)

The four passionate musicians convey through their music, a positive energy and awaken emotions that will make you feel ... alive!
07/07/2017  - festival Rock o Marais - Annecy (Poisy) - France
16/09/2017 - listening evening of the album + acoustic show - le Farmer - Lyon -France
22/09/2017 - Le Brin of zinc - Chambery (Barberaz) - France
28/09/2017 - The Jack Jack - Lyon (Bron) - France
21/10/2017 - MJC the mill of Madiba - Givors Others to come ....

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SILVER END - Spreading Fire (2017)

Release: 15 September 2017

One million views on Youtube, ½ million plays on Spotify - Get ready for a doze of melodic, modern hardrock for fans of Linkin Park, Crown The Empire and Breaking Benjamin.

From the rainy coast of Bergen, Norway, Silver End resides. Founded in 2012, they have had a remarkable journey to where they are now. The band is a result of four guys with completely different musical backgrounds coming together over the common interest of forming a melodic hard-rock band. Their first year was spent writing music and performing small shows in Bergen. Having honed their music, they headed into the studio where they recorded their first album “Beyond Limits”. After releasing their debut album in the summer of 2013, it opened up a lot of doors. Critics and fans loved the album, bigger shows were played, and the year ended with a support gig for Papa Roach at John Dee in Oslo.

Now the band is ready to release their second album world wide. "Spreading Fire" is already a big hit in Norway and the single "Addicted" has reached close to 400.000 views on Youtube and ½ a million streams on Spotify.

Currently the band is booking a European tour.

Christian Lerø - Vocals/Guitar
Cata Babut - Lead guitar
Lasse Ove Steine - Bass
Iben Christopher Espeseth Hanøy - Drums/vocals


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FORCE MAJEURE - The Rise Of Starlit Fires (2017)

Release: 8 September 2017
The Finnish, chart entering power metal band Force Majeure is back in business.

"The Rise of Starlit Fires". It is the title Force Majeure chose to call their 3rd album. The band wanted a longer name especially to hear how legendary Finnish radio host Klaus Flaming would pronounce it with his perfect pronounciation. The album will be released on the 8th of September worldwide by Mighty Music.

"The Rise of Starlit Fires" has eight epic and catchy heavy power metal tracks for you to enjoy. Let the speedy Apocalytic Hearts sweep over you, enjoy the straightforward catchiness of Pantheon of My Passion, or Gemini Rising. The AAA+ chorus of The Great Starfall will leave you floored. Eventually you might Finnish yourself off with the epic called the Darkening.

With this album hops onboard Finland’s best kept secret, vocalist Marcus Lång. The powerful voice of Marcus is the heavy metal jaegerbomb on top of premium quality compositions which make Force Majeure stand out in the line of metal bands.

Force Majeure's roots go back to 2001 when the two guitarists Jussi and Eemeli met each other. After several self financed demos and hard, sweaty groundwork for extending the fan base, Force Majeure's debut album Frozen Chambers was released 2008 in Finland, Russia, Sweden and GAS. The debut was received positively among listeners and press alike and opened new doors for Force Majeure. It even managed to enter the top 40 album chart in Finland, while the first single off the album made its way to the top 5 on the national singles chart. In 2011 Force Majeure’s second album “Saints of Sulphur” was released and introduced new possibilities, for example first ever shows outside Finnish borders in Italy. The Rise of Starlit Fires album was carefully matured and takes everything to the next level, in terms of song material, the overall performance and production.

Marcus Lång - Vocals
Tuomas Väänänen - Bass
Eemeli Ojanen - Guitar
Jussi Reuhkala - Guitar
Jaakko Nylund – Drums, orchestra bells, bell-tree, tympani, gong, cowbells, temple blocks, wind chimes, crotales
All compositions and arrangements by Jussi Reuhkala, Eemeli Ojanen & Jaakko Nylund
Produced by Kari "Huikka" Huikuri, Jussi Reuhkala & Jaakko Nylund Engineered by Kari "Huikka" Huikuri @ Scandal Recording and East Sound and Samuel Hjelt @ King Studios 
Artwork by Alberto Quirantes

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Lionheart - Second Nature (2017)


LIONHEART was formed in late 1980 by Dennis Stratton (lead guitar/backing vocals, ex-Iron Maiden), Jess Cox (lead vocals, ex-Tygers of Pan Tang), Steve Mann (lead guitar/backing vocals, ex-Liar), Rocky Newton (bass guitar/backing vocals, ex-Wildfire) and Frank Noon (drums, ex-Def Leppard). The band began playing gigs including regular shows at London's Marquee Club but had problems maintaining a consistent line-up. The core personnel of Dennis, Steve and Rocky remained but various singers passed through the band including Rueben Archer, John Farlham and Bob Hawthorn. They eventually settled as a 4-piece with Dennis and Rocky sharing lead vocal duties. The drummer's stool was variously occupied by Les Binks (ex Judas Priest), Niko McBrain (ex Trust and subsequently Iron Maiden) and Clive Edwards (ex Wild Horses).
Between 1981 and 1984 LIONHEART played regular live shows and filled the support slot for tours by both Def Leppard and Whitesnake. In between gigs they spent many hours writing and recording demos of new songs while searching for a record deal. It wasn't until 1984 that CBS Records in the USA offered them a contract, by which time they had recruited Chad Brown on lead vocals. They flew over to Los Angeles in March 1984 to record their debut album Hot Tonight with Kevin Beamish in the production chair and session man Bob Jenkins, who had previously worked with Leo Sayer and Kiki Dee, on drums. The album was recorded at the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys and mixed at Kendun Recorders.
Upon their return to the England LIONHEART recorded a high-budget video for the single Die For Love. The late comic genius Rik Mayall played the part of the mad professor, which in later years achieved cult status on YouTube due in part to the wonderfully wooden acting of the band! Unfortunately, planned UK tours as support to Kansas and Foreigner were cancelled at the last moment. Promotion of the album suffered and LIONHEART found themselves in limbo. Chad Brown left the band in 1985 to be replaced by Keith Murrell, with Toby Sadler coming in on keyboards. More demos were recorded with the new line-up but unfortunately the momentum had been lost and the band eventually broke up. Rocky went on to record backing vocals on 2 Def Leppard albums and join Michael Schenker with Steve, while Dennis spent 15 years with Praying Mantis.

In 2016 Rich Cliffe, promoter of the Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, asked LIONHEART to reunite for one performance and all original members, apart from Chad Brown, did so. The reunion created quite a stir, not least within the band itself, and it was decided to carry on with the subsequent recording of a new album followed by an acclaimed appearance at Sweden Rock.
The new record, Second Nature, was created between November 2016 and May 2017 and was produced, engineered and mastered by Steve Mann in his own studio in Hannover. A mini tour of Japan with Praying Mantis was scheduled for June/July with further UK shows with Airrace in November/December. The album release on AOR Heaven throughout Europe is set for 25th August.
Current band line-up:
Lee Small (lead vocals)
Dennis Stratton (lead guitar / backing vocals)
Steve Mann (lead guitar / backing vocals)
Rocky Newton (bass guitar / backing vocals)
Clive Edwards (drums)


Upcoming tour dates:

With Praying Mantis:
30/06/2017 Umeda Club Quattro - Osaka - Japan
01/07/2017 Toyosu PIT - Tokyo - Japan

With Airrace:
30/11/2017 Fuel - Cardiff - Wales
01/12/2017 Slade Rooms - Wolverhampton - England
02/12/2017 The Underworld - London - England
03/12/2017 Hard Rock Hell - Sheffield - England
05/12/2017 The Cluny - Newcastle - England
06/12/2017 Bannermans - Edinburgh - Scotland

Hot Tonight (CBS/Epic) 1984
Unearthed – Raiders of the Lost Archives (Pony Canyon) 1999
Hot Tonight (Rock Candy digitally re-mastered re-release) 2012

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Da Vinci - Ambition Rocks (2017)

Release: 25 August 2017

With the release of “Ambition Rocks", their first album in 25 years, and with a new lineup, AOR & Classic Rock band Da Vinci returns with brand new songs.
The group was formed in Norway back in 1986, and after a short round with demos, the band got a record deal with Polygram Norway and released their debut album the following year.
Looking back on the Norwegian melodic rock of the 80’s, one of the bands to leave a major impression were undoubtedly Oslo’s Da Vinci. Enjoying as much radio play and charting nationally in the same league as Return, Stage Dolls and TNT, Da Vinci released two albums, ”Da Vinci” and ”Back in the Business” and a single in 91 “Ain't No Goodbyes/ Blame it on the radio”.
Their greatest hits were “Forever in My Heart” and “Tarquinia” from the first album; and “Call Me a Liar” and “9&10” from “Back in Business”. DaVinci was touring constantly from late 86 to 92 and did over 600 performances in Norway. They also played as support for Status Quo on their Christmas Remedy tour in 1989 in Great Britain together with Ole Evenrude. The last concerts were two gigs at Wembley Arena. They split up in 93, but Selboskar, Westlie and Aass continued to write songs together for a few years. Some of these demo songs were illegally released in Europe.
Jarle Måløy moved to the north of Norway. Bjørn Boge started Street Legal together with Bjørn Olav Lauvdal and Selboskar was in the band on keys several years. Gunnar Westlie formed his own band called Tjugods and Lars Aass started working as a songwriter at Waterfall Productions. In 2004 Selboskar and Westlie started to write AOR songs together again and formed Eidsivating with the drummer from Son of Angels, Geir Digernes, and after some years with a lot of songs and different members, this project ended up in today’s Da Vinci.

“Ambition Rocks”was produced by Sverre E Henriksen and DaVinci; drums recorded in Oslo at Klang Studios with Johnny Skalleberg. The album was mixed by Sverre E Henriksen in hangar 7 and mastered by Nick Terry. Artwork & videos by Dag Selboskar.


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GRAND DELUSION - Supreme Machine (2017)

Release date: July 14, 2017
Grand Delusion have been active since 2011. Magnus and Mikael started up the band together with two guitarists to play 70s inspired hard rock. Nils Eklund and Joakim Gustafsson joined later the same year. A couple of guitarists passed through before Per joined in 2013. Then the band started to gel and get a musical unity. First album “The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” was recorded with this setting. Guitarist Nils left the band in 2014 due to musical differences and Björn joined as the new guitarist. Vocalist Joakim moved to Italy at the end of 2015 and left the microphone to Björn who took over the lead vocal duties, leading Grand Delusion into a new dimension.

The new release “Supreme Machine” is a step toward a heavier and darker sound.

The music
The riff-based songs are based on heavy and progressive 70-ies hard rock, mixed with NWOBHM, a pinch of grunge and retro-metal.

“Supreme Machine”  Full-length  2017
“Doomsday” Single 2016
“The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” Full-length 2015

All recordings have been made at Studio 13 in Vännäs, Sweden.

Sandra Truedson is the graphic artist behind the band logo and cover art for the albums and singles.


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Antidote - The Rock Years (2017)

Part of the first wave of American Hardcore, ANTIDOTE released the iconic Thou Shalt Not Kill in 1983, soon after the band first came together in New York City's lower east side.

After shutting down as a hardcore band in 1986, ANTIDOTE reunited as a hard rock outfit in 1988. Led by guitar player / principal songwriter Robb Nunzio & vocalist / filmmaker Drew Stone, the band was heavily influenced by Guns & Roses, Judas Priest and similar bands of the era. They soon released the Garrett Uhlenbrock (The Ramones) produced album Return 2 Burn on Metropolis Records.

The band was a mainstay on the circuit in New York City at the time including The Limelight, The Cat Club and L'amour with many of it's contemporaries including Circus Of Power and Blitzspeer. ANTIDOTE released Viva Los Pendejos in 1991, but folded again for good a year later.

Following a 16 year hiatus, the band reunited in 2008 and is now enjoying a resurgence playing a combination of both styles. A compilation of the best tracks from multiple recordings from the 'Rock era' -  including Return 2 Burn, We're Comin Afta You and Road Warrior - have been compiled and remastered for this compilation release.

On June 9, Old School Metal Records will release ANTIDOTE The Rock Years on vinyl and digital download.

"Revisiting these tracks many years later was really great and now that they are remastered they sound better than ever" said Guitarist Nunzio.

"I am excited that the best of this era is finally going to see the light of day" said vocalist Drew Stone. "People in Europe have always requested these tracks and it's nice that they are finally going to get the star treatment."


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Distant Landscape - Insights (2017)

Distant Landscape, the Marco Spiridigliozzi’s solo project, is born in June 2015 with the creation of Insights Album: a very intimate and rich of atmospheres work, that had to remain private in the author's intentions. In July 2015 Marco decides to involve Andrea Biondi to record the drums parts. The enthusiasm and the energy that come out from this collaboration convinces the author to develop the project. The studio work begins in March 2016 and it finishes, after a long period of mixing, in December 2016. In the meantime Fabio Crognale on the bass and Alessio Rossetti on the guitar became part of the band. The Distant Landscape come to life and begin to prepare themselves to play live. In February 2017 Francesca Giuditta joined the line up, the only female voice in the album and already member, as Marco Spiridigliozzi, of the dreaming doom gothic metal band Raving Season. Francesca is not only the singer of the band, she’s also the keyboardist.

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Laser Flames On The Great Big News - Laser Flames On The Great Big News (2017)

On June 30th 2017, Wood and Stone Productions will release the new, self-titled album by LASER FLAMES ON THE GREAT BIG NEWS. The album will be released as a limited edition CD.

Fronted by the impeccable trade-off vocals of John Judkins (Rwake, Today Is the Day, Scott Kelly) and Stephenie “Stevie” Bailey, Laser Flames On The Great Big News defy definition, master convention, and above all, drill a complex maze of hooks and emotion through your ears down into your heart and further, down where the old things live.

Track Listing:

1. Intro 
2. 31 Years
3. Lashes
4. Open Dead and Doomed (Featuring Steve Austin of Today is the Day)
5. Beloved (Featuring CT of Rwake)
6. Flame High

Laser Flames on the Great Big News is:
Stephenie "Stevie" Bailey: Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Violin
John Judkins: Guitars, Vocals, Lap Steel
Brian Myers: Bass
James Turk: Drums

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Last Bullet - 80-69-64 (EP 2017)

Release: 14 July 2017

Last Bullet live and die by the metaphor of a name that has served them well; play every show as if they have only one shot.

Multiple national tours and festivals, winners and nominees of several awards, countless television and radio features, part of Canadian hockey history, sharing the stage with countless bands like Aerosmith, The Scorpions, Buckcherry, Sebastian Bach, Bleeker, One Bad Son, The Wild and more. Last Bullet has used the last eight years to accomplish all of the above and more while completely self-managed, self-distributed, self-directed, self-written, self-marketed and ultimately... Self-made.

Forged by a deep passion from five individuals striving to become the very embodiment of rock n' roll it-self, Last Bullet are best known for their utterly intense and electrifying live show, taking great pride in knowing exactly what it takes to get asses shaking, fists pumping and heads banging. For this Toronto-based quintet, pursuing a career in music is akin to war. The stage is a battlefield, leather is their armour, instruments their weapons, music their ammo and failure is the enemy.

With the ambitious goal of re-igniting a market almost completely devoid of attitude, this is a band that reveres the historical significance of rock music and gladly embraces the blood, sweat and tears necessary to succeed in this industry. The sole reason Last Bullet has found any success is by holding themselves accountable for giving fans every ounce of their souls on stage. The very integrity of the band relies on this self-imposed creed:

Every song will sound better than it does on the album, every time.

Every note will be performed with charisma, emotion and intensity.

Every dollar of every ticket will be earned in sweat, effort and passion.

Every single fan will be thanked and appreciated every time, every show.

Nothing is ever good enough. Always strive for perfection and NEVER plateau.

With the upcoming release of their new album titled "80-69-64" on July 14, 2017 the band has never been more proud of their work, nor felt more genuinely optimistic about the future of their music and career as a band. But don't take their word for it, take it from these people…

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Motograter - Desolation (2017)

On August 11th, 2017 EMP Label Group will release 'Desolation', Motograter's highly-anticipated sophomore album, produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Ex-Machine Head) and mixed by Joshua Wickman (Within the Ruins, KING 810). The album was engineered by Luster, Wickman, and Jon Berrier, and recorded at Illustrious Productions, Dreadcore Productions, and BlackPlate Productions.

Art for DESOLATION was created by Mister-Sam Shearon, who has created covers for comic books and graphic novels including Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, Judge Dredd, The X-Files, Mars Attacks, KISS, and Clive Barker’s Books of Blood as well as artwork for some of the biggest names in rock music, such as Godhead, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Powerman 5000, Biohazard, American Head Charge, Rammstein, Fear Factory and Kill Devil Hill.

Desolation marks the band’s first full-length album since the 2003 Elektra/No Name self-titled release featuring Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) on vocals. Motograter is now fronted by James Anthony Legion (Deadform/The Breathing Process).

1. Parasite
2. Dorian
3. Victim
4. Paragon
5. Bleeding Through
6. Misanthropical
7. Daggers
8. Portrait of Decay
9. Locust
10. Rise (There Will Be Blood)
11. Shadows

Motograter is:
James Legion – Vocals
Matthew "Nuke" Nunes – Guitar
Jesse Stamper – Guitar
Mylon Guy – Bass
Noah "Shark" Robertson – Drums
Dustin "Skunk" Anderson – Motograter

Pre-order at: www.empmerch.com
More at: www.emplabelgroup.com

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Warner Drive - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017)

WARNER DRIVE is an original rock based group from Hollywood, CA that features catchy riffs, a rock/punk edge, and an incredibly energetic performance. The group has built a reputations as relentless internationally touring act. Warner Drive has shared the stage with bands such as Jet, CKY, Saving Abel, Camp Freddy, Danko Jones, Imagine Dragons, The Plain White T's, Yellowcard, Ratt, Steel Panther, Clutch, Graveyard, Mustache, Papa Roach, The Killers, Dead Sara, Royal Republic, and many more. Warner Drive has been hailed as a highlight of the Sunset Strip Music Festival where they tore up the Roxy stage for a sold out house.
At South By Southwest in Austin TX, Warner Drive took the festival by storm with six different showcases and packed venues every time that teamed with energy when they hit the stage. The group has also been a part of The Uproar Festival in the United States.
In addition, they have been touring Europe where they have played many festivals and their fan
base has been rapidly growing. In fact, 2016 will mark their fifth year in a row of extensive European touring and the group was voted by their fans to play Sweden Rock Festival 2016, where they shared the stage with Queen, Twister Sister, Foreigner, Megadeth and Anthrax among many more. This was followed by a Swedish tour in August 2016 and many more United States dates to
be added this year as well.
Prior to signing with Swedish record label Roasting House/Dead End Exit in 2016, Warner Drive had released three full length albums to date, selling over 15,000 copies in DIY fashion. Their first album, "Fully Loaded", was produced By  Mike Clink (Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Megadeth), and James Michael (Alanis Morissette, The Deftones, SIXX:AM). Their second album, "K-Go!", which was self-produced was followed by  their third release, "City of Angels". Produced by El Hefe (guitarist of  NOFX and co-owner of Cyber Tracks), and mixed by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, Bad Religion), City of Angels was released in September 2014. Their fourth album will be released under Roasting House/Dead End Exit Records on July 28.
Warner Drive will continue hitting everywhere from Los Angeles to Helsinki in 2017. Their momentum is taking them on a fast and furious ride down a road that is destined for international recognition and success.

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Old James - Speak Volumes (2017)

 Release: 25 August 2017

On August 25th 2017, OLD JAMES will release the physical version of their debut album Speak Volumes.  The album is ten tracks of hard rock/metal that is both original yet familiar at the same time.

OLD JAMES is a newly formed power-trio from Canada. In the vein of 70's Rock 'N Roll when originality was king,
OLD JAMES brings an unrivaled attitude in their intense live performance and their pounding live off the floor musicianship in the studio, which speaks the likes of early Sabbath/Deep Purple while crushing any "throwback" or "vintage" labels in its inimitable wake. 
 Lead vocalist Brian Stephenson, has earned his keep as a vocalist and bassist both separately in the music industry. Coupled together in OLD JAMES, with high range vocals and funky bass lines, Brian brings a fresh sound and image to the modern front man.
As fate would have it, younger Stephenson, Chris wraps up the rhythm section bringing the brother’s history of influences, such as Dime & Vinnie, Alex & Eddie, Max & Igor, Chris & Rich Robinson, to the table.
Sir Andy “T-Cat” Thompson completes the trio with his uncanny blues and rhythm guitar approach to contemporary rock ‘n roll. Having stuck by the brothers through thick and thin, without him, OLD JAMES would not have the sound or texture needed to be the future of rock ‘n roll.
2017 ushers in the SPEAK VOLUMES era, the band's debut album. With memorable vocals, distorted tones, pure and honest lyrical themes and a kick ass live show full of power and passion OLD JAMES is ready to make the world its own.

Track listing:
1. Don't Put It On Me
2. Lemons
3. Words As Weapons
4. So Real
5. Salutations
6. Bass-Ik Instincts
7. Kill Off The Rose
8. Master Imploder
9. Eugene
10. Speak Volumes

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Firesphere - Requiem (2017)

Firesphere is a dynamic industrial rock/metal band combining techno and epic cinematic soundtrack to create a totally different and unique sound. Fireshphere was created and is fronted by the enigmatic dark PRIEST and the equally dark and hypnotizing Japanese beauty ROSEMARY BUTTERFLY.
Joined by “The Messengers”, Blacksmith (guitar), ROADBLOCK (guitar), TSUKIME keyboards), ASMODEUS STONE (bass) and MASON (drums), together they bring a dark ageless quality to their music and live show. 
Based on the Japanese model of big music and big visuals (ala X Japan, Hyde, Malice Mizer, Gackt and Ghost), the listener will not soon forget the well-crafted and moving songs of Firesphere nor will they easily forget the intensity of a live performance.
Firesphere will capture you in their dark cold embrace and hold you there forever.

With `Requiem`, the musicians around` Firesphere`-singer `Priest` publish an album that combines driving rhythms and hard-sounding guitars with orchestral arrangements.
Singer and songwriter `Priest` describes the debut album as a "great and self-contained" album. "The audience will be presented with a 'dark fantasy' concept album, where lyrics and music merge into a musical time travel", `Priest` said.

Firesphere is a concept band. Each member portrays a particular character with a name and backstory. Each character is an ‘immortal’ in one form or other and have lived a very long time. All members were discovered by Priest and Rosemary Butterfly while recruiting for the dark Order of the Cross and Dragon. This is an order created centuries ago for the purpose of giving individuals like Priest and Rosemary a place of sanctuary and friendship.

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Angel Sword - Kallio Rock City (2017)

Angel Sword worships the heavy metal gods of old, fallen into slumber decades ago and now angered by the polished plastic sound of modern metal. Prepare for a skull-crushing, vomit-inducing dose of real heavy metal!


Jerry Razors - Vocals, guitars
Lightning Mike -
Guitars, backing vocals
Eviltaker - Bass
St. Peter - Drums, backing vocals


The Mourning Sickness - Gets in a Ruction

Enjoy Your Symptom Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Gets in a Ruction, the fourth full-length release from Denver, Colorado’s most courteous band, The Mourning Sickness.  This latest addition to the band’s progressive-punk oeuvre, Gets in a Ruction was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ratt Mahem, and is available on Compact Disc, as well as digital download formats, including iTunes.

Gets in a Ruction abounds with tales of prehistoric devil toads (“Beelzebufo”), men with the moniker “Dick” (“Richard”), teen-age girls starving themselves (“Distaste for Food and an Urge to Vomit”), and ridiculously large penises (“Bubby Peak”).  Predictably, the album is filled with unpredictable melodies, odd rhythmic figures, and the occasional power-trio freak out.  Gets in a Ruction also features guest appearances from other members of the Denver Art Rock Collective (DARC), including Amphibious Jones, the Cattle Axe, and the Inactivists.  And one tune (“Unyoked is the Best!), was co-authored by the 16th Century Flemish nun, Anna Bijns (1494-1575 CE).

What do you get when you mix the irreverent musical endowments of three men for almost twenty years?  What do you get when you place a college history professor, a project manager for a defense contractor, and the owner of a small musical instrument shop together in a post-punk-rock band?  The Mourning Sickness!


Σάββατο, 17 Ιουνίου 2017

Soul Secret - Babel (2017)

Release: 28 July 2017
Soul Secret are an Italian progressive metal band based in Naples.
After a long time playing together, they hit the market in 2008 with their debut album "Flowing Portraits", published by ProgRock Records and with Mark Basile (DGM) as guest singer on the whole album. This album was highly praised by the critics and let them play on stage together with bands like Pendragon, Vanden Plas and Subsignal. After three years the band published "Closer To Daylight" under Galileo Records, a heavier album featuring Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band) on "River's Edge" and Arno Menses on the acclaimed 16+ minutes suite "Aftermath". After playing together again with Subsignal and Vanden Plas, the band decided to change the singer and to start working on a new album. While writing it, they played together with Haken and Neal Morse Band. Their third release, called "4", was their first concept album and released on April 10th 2015 (October 4th in USA) by GoldenCore Records and distributed by Zyx Music.
Their new album, titled "BABEL", will be released by Pride & Joy Music on July 28th 2017 and will be previewed at Night Of The Prog, opening Mike Portnoy's show. BABEL is a concept album, covering topics like religion and love and ranging from classic progressive rock to more modern progressive metal, with influences from djent, electronic and latin music. The artwork was completely designed by Thomas Ewerhard and the mix handled by Alex Argento (Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli).
Sam and Adriel are sent in space to find God, helped by logOS, an on-board computer providing cutting-edge technology to the mission. When they finally find the City Of Gods, they find it empty...

Line-up: Claudio Casaburi (Bass), Luca Di Gennaro (Keyboards), Lino Di Pietrantonio (Vocals), Antonio Mocerino (Drums), Antonio Vittozzi (Guitars)

Web:www.facebook.com/soulsecretband /  www.soulsecret.net

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Badge - If It Hurts It Must Be Good (2017)

Release: 28 July 2017
BADGE was put together by guitarist/singer Matti Norlin and drummer Fredrik Haake in 2002. Matti´s love for Pre War Blues and both their ambition to create new and exciting music is the drive.
Since then BADGE has released two albums "Kill Another Fuzz" in 2010 and "If I Could Love I'd Love This" in 2013.  Their new album" If It Hurts It Must Be Good" will be available via Pride & Joy Music from July 28th, 2017.
With focus on energy, new paths and groove, but always to serve the song, BADGE has been breaking new ground ever since. Even though they started out with the old Blues in mind, they never thought about themselves as a Blues band. Rather a band that makes it’s own mark with many influences.
In 2013 BADGE was picked to represent Sweden in the European Blues Challenge. In 2014 Matti Norlin and Fredrik Haake got a composer-scholarship from SKAP (Swedish Society of song-writers) for the music of BADGE, and the video for the track “If I Could Love This” reached over 135.000 views on YouTube.
With the new album "If It Hurts It Must Be Good", they have really come a long way as far as songwriting and getting a unique sound on print! The first advance single from the album, "Reap What You Sow", was picked by Swedish national radio as one of the top 30 songs of Rock in 2015!

*Matti Norlin has released four solo albums: Pre War Blues (1995), Kitchen Sink Blues (1998), Sliding Out (2002) and  LIVE - Blues Three Floors Up (2010). Matti has established himself as a great blues artist and is one of the most perceptive interpreters of early Scandinavian "Pre War Blues". He has also appeared on records with Sam Mitchell (ex-Rod Stewart's band), Nicolai Dunger and Tony & The Bitters (interpretations of the Swedish death metal band Dismember).

*Fredrik Haake has previously played with New York band God is my co-pilot as he made several tours with, both in Europe and the U.S. Fredrik was involved in two of the band's CDs. He also starred in his New York period in Jim Sclavunos (from Nick Cave's Bad Seeds) new band The Vanity Set and recorded an album with Roger Manning. Fredrik has also been featured in Sideburn, Moa and Swedish-American heavy metal band Meldrum who toured with: Motorhead, Zakk Wylde Black Label Society, Sepultura, Danzig, and Nashville Pussy.

*Lennart "Z" Zethzon is featured in Swedish Classic rock band "Lugnet" who released their debut last year. He also appears on two albums with Clifftones. In -98 Lennart put down the bass for Leda Battisti's self title release, featuring Grammy Award winner Ottmar Liebert.

Web: https://www.facebook.com/badgesweden

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ARCHANGE - Flashback (2017)

Release: 25 August 2017

ARCHANGE is a French Hard Rock band that emerges in 2013 consisting of  experienced musicians from the French scene, e.g. David Amore (ex. Nightmare) on drums.

The band plays powerful melodic hard rock inspired by RATT, DOKKEN and SCORPIONS. Close your eyes and you might even think you’ll hear Klaus Meine in certain parts.

“Flash Back” will be released on the 25th of August worldwide (ex. Japan by Bickee Music).

Dan Pallas - Lead Vocals
Laurent Rabatel - Guitars, Vocals
JC Di Bravo - Bass, Vocals
David Amore - Drums, Vocals 

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SEVEN THORNS – Black Fortress (Single 2017)

Seven Thorns is a Danish Neo-Power Metal band with highly skilled musicians, high-end compositions, catchy melodies and lyrics to match. Seven Thorns draws on influences from the "old school of power metal", while also incorporating darker and more modern, symphonic elements into their songwriting.

The band is now releasing a new single and video for the song “Black Fortress”, mixed and mastered by renowned death metal producer Tue Madsen, giving a taste of the new album scheduled for release in November 2017. In between writing and recording new songs, the band is out on the road playing, among other shows, the prestigious CopenHell Festival in Denmark in June.

The praise from both fans and critics following their previous releases bodes well for the forthcoming album! Seven Thorns might be the next big Danish metal success, walking in the footsteps of acts like Royal Hunt and Pretty Maids. The band has released 2 albums and 2 singles and played numerous concerts in 11 countries. Seven Thorns has also performed live on Danish national television, playing their cover version of “Mamma Mia”, a bonus track from the album “II”.


1. Black Fortress *
2. Last Goodbye *
3. Eye of the Storm **

*   Brand new track, taken from the yet untitled, upcoming album.
**  Re-recorded song , taken from the album “II”.

Band line-Up :
Björn Asking: Vocals
Gabriel Tuxen: Guitars
Asger W. Nielsen: Keys
Mads Mølbæk: Bass
Lars Borup: Drums

Discography :
Black Fortress (Single) (2017)
II (CD) (2014)
Return To The Past (CD) (2010)
Forest Majesty (Single) (2009)

DAMN FREAKS - Damn Freaks (2017)

Release: 11 August 2017

A musician has a constant need of writing songs; and songs like to choose their authors carefully. That's exactly what happened with the 9 songs in DAMN FREAKS debut album. Rising from the ashes of a previous band called FOOLS' MOON, drummer and producer Matteo Panichi had started working on some ideas guitarist Marco Torri had sent him. “Good ol' party time rock'n'roll” that's the record the pair wanted to record. And who better than their long time friend Iacopo “Jack” Meille – singer from Tygers Of Pan Tang – could help them writing the most catchy choruses you could ever dreamed to hear in 2017?

We all wanted to capture the vibe that we loved way back in the '80 when we were listening all day to White Lion, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Dokken and David Lee Roth” - reckons Iacopo - “it seems like people have completely forgot that music can also be the soundtrack of your happiest and laid back moments!

Songs such as ‘Dream Highway’ or the powerful ‘Break The Chains’ need to be listened at maximum volume when driving in your car while stuck in everyday traffic, to make you feel the positive vibe of R’n’R.

We all wanted to write songs that could stand next to our favourite songs of the '80” - it's Marco speaking - “’Poison Apple’ next to ‘Knucklebones’ from David Lee Roth or ‘Burning Up’ next to Van Halen's ‘Panama’ and now you can do it by building your own compilation on Spotify and have a blast!

The 9 tracks of their debut album were recorded in their home town Florence in Tuscany and mixed by Harry Hess from Harem Scarem fame.

Matteo has no doubt about this: “In a way we consider ourselves the freaks of the third millennium, as we still want to try to have a good time and music is the perfect and 100% legal drug” - “ so Yeah, we are freaks, we are DAMN FREAKS and we will help you having a good time!”

Matteo Panichi – drums
Marco Torri – electric and acoustic guitars
Iacopo “Jack” Meille – lead and backing vocals
Claudio Rogai – bass


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ALTAIR - Descending: A Devilish Comedy (2017)

When the Italians published their exquisite debut album "Lost Eden" in October 2013, the POWER METAL world listened abruptly.
Finally, ALTAIR, founded in 2008, debuted with all-around high-quality material, which bundles all the virtues of the genre. An abundance of enthusiastic reviews was the deserved result.
But otherwise, the heavily ambitious authors were able to score on a wide range, which resulted in a large number of followers and enthusiasts who loyally respect the guys.
For the second album "Descending: A Devilish Comedy", the sextet from Ferrara succeeded in optimizing the exciting, pretty progressive overall sound.
The new compositions shoot themselves liquid-virtuosic as also metallic-cheering in varied wise into the ears.
And there is no lack of punctual pressure, high-rising epic, or skillfully elaborated melody. For the latter, all sorts of inspirations from the Classical world were given free access to the radiant sound cosmos of ALTAIR.
Keyboarder Enrico Ditta, an experienced actor at the electric organ, makes the nimble fingers dance as fast on the keys as if he stands under high voltage. His not infrequently solemnly, theatrical performance is integrated with the perfection of a Swiss clockwork into every nuance of the tracks.
Noble guitar duels, gloriously harmonious leads and ecstatic drumming make the wonderfully organic sounding disc a real jewel in the field of tastefully and aesthetically oriented Power Metal.
The fact that the new, great animating discus has definitely the content for a classic, is proved song by song. Example compliant? The inevitably overwhelming number "Flame Of Knowledge" testifies to the outstanding flair of the formation for the highest, timeless class.
Even vocalist Simone Mala can do anything. He covers on "Descending: A Devilish Comedy" the whole range of possibilities with his far outstanding, multi-mutable voice.
Master Mala, always animated by frenetic fervor to the marrow, completes every single song to a real, delightful experience. From massive-voluminous over full-bodied expression, to siren-like passages, the man can just sing as few!
With their compositional and instrumental mastery performances and the high level of playing culture, ALTAIR raise more than subtle reminiscences on the early works of the famous Brazilians of Angra or the countrymen Rhapsody. A powerful fact, which should provide positive inner unrest among connoisseurs and gourmets of the metier. (Markus Eck)
The official release date for "Descending: A Devilish Comedy" is June, 30th 2017.

ALTAIR - online:

KICKIN VALENTINA - Imaginary Creatures (2017)

Release: 11 August 2017
KICKIN VALENTINA plays loud unapologetic rock n roll. The band is quickly gaining attention while growing a solid fan base across the US and abroad. On August 11th 2017 their second album “Imaginary Creatures” will hit the stores worldwide. The band has once again chosen to work with renowned Producer/Engineer Andy Reilly (Bruce Dickinson, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) at Muse Productions in Atlanta. In September 2017, KICKIN VALENTINA will support the German band Nitrogods on the “BBQ Roadkill” tour with 9 shows in Germany, and then set out on their own headline tour of Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. Classic Rock describes the band as “greasy riffs, wailing solos, and black-clad biker men who look like they only come out at night, presumably to roam Sunset Strip in search of good times and blow.” KICKIN VALENTINA was formed in 2013 by guitarist Heber Pampillon and drummer Jimmy Berdine. After meeting vocalist Joe Edwards (whose distinctive style has been described as a “diamond in the dirt”), they began writing and rehearsing, then recruited bassist Chris Taylor to round out the lineup. The band was quickly picked up by Atlanta based indie label Highway 9 Records and released their debut self-titled EP in October 2013. In August 2015 KICKIN VALENTINA signed with Danish label Mighty Music and released their first full length album “Super Atomic” to rave reviews around the world. "We are excited to continue our relationship with Mighty Music for the release of our second full length album "Imaginary Creatures." In 2016 we completed successful tours of the U.S. and Europe in support of our debut album "Super Atomic." We can't wait to play new places and meet our diehard fans around the world in 2017" states bassist Chris Taylor.

KICKIN VALENTINA has been busy touring America and opening for artists as diverse as Buckcherry, Queensryche, Pop Evil, Fozzy, Skid Row, Red Dragon Cartel, Sebastian Bach, Doro, Faster Pussycat, Nonpoint and LA Guns to name a few. In May 2016 KICKIN VALENTINA embarked on their first European tour performing in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Denmark (Nordic Noise Festival). In addition to their own headlining shows, they have also performed at a variety of music festivals including Rock Fest (WI), Monsters of Rock Cruise (2018), Farm Rock (IL, TN & GA), Soundwave (MD), Rock n Skull (IL), Wolf Fest (CO), Skull Fest (NE), Summer Rock Party (IL), and Outskirts 53 Music & Bike Fest (GA).

KICKIN VALENTINA has received press in major publications throughout Europe and Japan such as Burrn, Young Guitar, Classic Rock, Sweden Rock, Legacy, Fireworks, Metalized, Aardshok, Metal Hammer, Deaf Forever, Rock Hard, Rock It, Powerplay, and countless online magazines around the world. They were nominated for – and won – the prestigious 2014 GA Music Award for “Rock Band of the Year,” and in 2015 they won the GA Music Award for “Video of the Year” for their single “Wrong Way.” Their song “Get Ready” is being used by the Jacksonville Axemen Rugby Team for promotional commercials and played during home games, and is also on the soundtrack for the new movie “Hair I Go Again” directed by Steve McClure and produced by Kyle Kruger. Both “Get Ready” and the standout track “Alone” will be featured in the new action horror movie and soundtrack “Altered” from award winning film director Kely McClung.


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Overkhaos - Beware Of Truth (2017)

Release: 16 June 2017
Overkhaos is an italian progressive metal band formed in 2013. 
During its first year of activity the band revisited the songs written until then, turning them into social protest songs .  In 2015 the band recorded, promoted and distributed a self-produced EP. Then the band managed to obtain Derek Sherinian's collaboration to record the keyboards tracks for "Anna's Song" , which later would have been released as single from the upcoming album.
In February 2017, the band finished the recordings of the first album "Beware of Truth," a 10-tracks concept album, edited and mixed at Golem Dungeon Studios in Bari. A month later the band signed to Rockshots Records for the promotion and the distribution of the album.

The album features Derek Sherinian as special guest on “Anna’s Song”
For fans of: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nevermore, Fates Warning
Overkhaos on Facebook www.facebook.com/OverkhaosBand


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