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MANIGANCE - Machine Nation (2018)

RELEASE 2 February 2018

MANIGANCE was founded in 2002 and released the album "Angel or demon" the same year. Afterwards six studio albums and a live album have seen the light of day.

On top of that, MANIGANCE has shared live scenes with bands like ADAGIO, FREEDOM CALL, STRATOVARIUS, DRAGONFORCE, ADX, and even THE SCORPIONS at the Olympia (Paris).

MANIGANCE has also participated in numerous festivals in France and abroad (Hellfest, Raismes Fest, PPM Fest, Rockalies, ...).

Rewarded with two "Hard Rock" trophies as the best French band within the melodic power metal genre, MANIGANCE are today considered one of the heavy weights on the French metal scene.

After the release of "Récidive" (2011) which was album of the month in Rock Hard France and received 87/100 from Burnn in Japan, the band released the equally praised album "Volte Face" in 2014 and toured a lot.

MANIGANCE will release their new Album “Machine Nation” worldwide (ex. France) through Mighty Music in February 2018 and will again be on the road in March 2018 for an European tour of 18 dates with MYRATH.

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Concrete Eden - Left (2018)

Release date: January 19, 2018

On their debut album "Left" CONCRETE EDEN brings together the best of hardcore and Nu Metal. The four-men-band with frontman, rapper, singer and shouter Mike Kostner combines Nu Metal with elements of hardcore, creating a sound as if Limp Bizkit, Korn and System Of A Down had merged into one band!

Recorded, mixed & mastered from 2015 to 2017 in CeFACTORY Studios in Graz (Austria)
Mix & Master: Mike Kostner
Lyrics & Concept: Mike Kostner
Artwork: Hannes Ressi

Hannes Ressi - Drums
Mike Kostner – Lead Vocals
Erwin Lackner – Guitars
Thomas Gurker – Bass

Founded in 2005, CONCRETE EDEN started to become well known in their home country Austria. The original band consisted of frontman Mike, drummer Hannes, guitarist Erwin and bassist Tom. CONCRETE EDEN played various concerts, which were soon followed by a demo track called "M.i.t.y" which was enthusiastically applauded by the fans.

The whole track was produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Kostner himself, who runs his own record studio.

However, you have to experience live – only then you can understand the true CONCRETEEDEN experience! CONCRETE EDEN has already shared stage with bands like J.B.O, Kontrust, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter or Ektomorf. CONCRETE EDEN is famous for their shows full of power, defined by hard guitar riffs, pounding bass, forceful drums including rap and melodious vocal passages. Despite the consistently demanding musical songwriting, CONCRETE EDEN is a band that masterfully understands to include the audience in their show and thereby bring the noise to a maximum. Their loyal fan base is proof that their daring concept and musical style, which is clearly apart of the mainstream superficiality, can also convince a bigger crowd.

In January 2017 CONCRETE EDEN accompanied Crazy Town on their tour through Austria and played with them and other support acts in the Viper Room in Vienna or in the P.P.C in Graz. On 27th February 2017 their first single "gone to far (watch the video!), was released from the upcoming debut album "Left". In autumn 2017, Concrete Eden signed a record deal with the German independent label NRT-Records, which will release their debut album"Left" in January 2018.

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SnakeyeS - Metal Monster (2017)

SnakeyeS, the band started by José PinedaJusti Bala, and Carlos Delgado (from the former Spanish band SPHINX) together with Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER).

"Metal Monster" was released on November 25th, 2017, on both CD and digitally, and available for download and streaming through all major music digital distribution platforms. The album's cover artwork was designed by Spanish artist Francisco Garcés. The album will feature 11 brand new songs, recorded and produced by bassist José Pineda in his own studio:
1. Into The Unknown
2. Evolution
3. (Point of) No Return
4. Cyberkiller
5. Metal Monster
6. Edge of The World
7. Sign of Death
8. Facing The Darkness
9. Your Own Shadow
10. Circus of Fools
11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)

The band comments on new the album: "Metal Monster is our «creature», our most ambitious project yet, a true Heavy Metal burst of energy, a declaration of intent which aims to seal the band's own style and consolidate SnakeyeS both nationally and internationally."

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SnakeyesMetal 
official website: www.snakeyes-metal.com.

Vane - The Prologue (EP 2017)

Vane is the newest brainchild of Mateusz Gajdzik (Witchking, Saratan) & Roberta Zembrzycki (Acid Drinkers, Corruption, Saratan). Modern, heavy flavour of metal, full of catchy melodies and spiced up with the history of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Other members include: Marcin Frąckowiak (Percival Schuttenbach, Stos), Marcin Parandyk (Killsorrow, Skyanger) oraz Marcin Zdeb (Skyanger) .

The Prologue is a promotional release, that’s just the beginning of a larger story. It consists of three songs: Born Again, The Edge of Cutlass & Your Pain I Am.
The band is currently working on a full length album.

Music : Mateusz Gajdzik. Lyrics: Robert Zembrzycki & Marcin Parandyk
Vocals: Marcin Parandyk, Guitars: Mateusz Gajdzik, Guitars: Robert Zembrzycki,
Bass: Marcin Frąckowiak, Drums: Marcin Zdeb

Production: Mateusz Gajdzik. Drums recorded at DMB STUDIO, Vocals recorded at STUDIO CENTRUM. Guitars and bass - Mateusz Gajdzik. Mix & mastering : Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski.

Samples: Sowa Sound
Artwork:  Jan Jasiński, based on paintings by J. M. W. Turner. GFX:  Robert Zembrzycki

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vane.band/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vane.band/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vaneband Bandcamp: https://vaneband.bandcamp.com/

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WOLFSHEAD - Leaden (2017)

Finnish metallers WOLFSHEAD unleash their new album "Leaden", out December 8th in North America via Rockshots and was earlier released in Europe one October 27th. WOLFHEAD's style is pure old school heavy metal, heavy guitar riffs, growling bass, pounding drums with bluesy, leather-lunged whisky-scented vocals on top. Taking their main influences from such acts as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Venom and the whole NWOBHM movement, WOLFSHEAD manages to combine almost everything from heavy rock music from between 1967 and 1985 to their own unique blend of doom metal. They write songs about lycanthropy, the living dead, witch hunts, Cthulhu Mythos and of course, heavy metal itself.

Track Listing:
1. Vukodlak (4:40)
2. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (4:11)
3. Purifier (4:12)
4 .When The Stars Are Right (6:25)
5. Division Of The Damned (5:01)
6. Haruspex (4:01)
7. Winds Over Potter’s Field (1:54)
8. The Hangman (7:44)
Album Length: 38:08

Wolfshead Lineup:
Tero Laine - Vocals
Ari Rajaniemi - Guitar
Vesa Karppinen - Bass
Jussi Risto - Drums

Album available digitally and CD at the following links:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/WOLFSHEAD_Leaden 
Buy: http://smarturl.it/leaden

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Call of the Awakened - Simulated Consciousness (2017)

Call of the Awakened was formed in 2013 under the name “Mistaken” when drummer/songwriter Jayden Harrison met vocalist Dillon Kuntz playing High School football. Fueled by mutual interest in music, the two began collaborating in Jayden’s garage. They were soon joined by guitarist Lance Rader and Jayden’s younger brother Noah on guitar/bass, who brought raw musical talent and technical chops to underpin their sound. In early 2017 Nathan Ross joined on Bass guitar and Noah moved over to rhythm guitar, and shortly after they hit the studio to record their first album: Simulated Consciousness.

Simulated Consciousness is Call Of The Awakened's first album, produced by Matt Johnson at 4th Avenue Studios. The album is a tribute to Kris Harrison, Noah and Jayden Harrison's dad who was killed in a car accident earlier this year. The band combines a mixture of Dillon Kuntz's unique voice with Sons Of Texas/Avenged Sevenfold style riffing and drumming to create a hard-hitting first album in the band's career.

Dark Hound - Dawning (2018)

Following in the sizable footsteps of their 2014 self-titled debut and 2015 EP Oceans, Tennessee's resident Heavy Metal torchbearers have pulled out all the stops with Dawning. Eschewing genre-blending pablum and trend-hopping futility, the new album finds DARK HOUND proudly display influences from the likes of MEGADETH, IRON MAIDEN, and TESTAMENT without falling victim to uninspired mimicry. Rather, Dawning lands repeated punches to the cranium and leaves memorable marks with its compelling compositions in a way that is familiar, yet refreshing and even unique. Put simply, this is U.S. Metal in all its fiery glory!

All songs written and performed by Dark Hound
Produced by Kaelin Tauxe and Dark Hound
Drums recorded by Kaelin Tauxe at Wiley Manor
Guitars and bass recorded by Evan Hensley at Twilight Cloud Studio
Vocals and additional guitars recorded by Kaelin Tauxe at Upright Mammal Musicworks
Mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio
Artwork by Robbie Ward
Layout and Design by Jocelyn Harms

Since releasing their first album in 2014, Dark Hound has been building a name for themselves in the Nashville metal scene through blistering live performances and uncompromisingly adventurous songcraft. Comprised of ET Brown (vocals/bass), Evan Hensley (guitars), Preston Walls (guitars) and Josh Brown (drums), Dark Hound followed up their full-length debut with the well-received Oceans EP in 2015. And now, the group is poised to bring about their finest hour with the release of Dawning, a new offering containing 11 tracks of the band's most intense and ambitious material to date. Focused yet unbridled and armed with a new statement, Dark Hound is charging ahead in their pursuit to kick asses, melt faces, and lay waste.

Track​ ​Listing:
1. Ashes​ ​of​ ​Your​ ​Worth
2. Guilt​ ​Tripper
3. Carnival​ ​of​ ​Youth
4. The​ ​Answer
5. Crisis​ ​of​ ​Hope
6. Thrown​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Wolves
7. Stripped​ ​Away
8. Balancing​ ​Act
9. The​ ​Jagged​ ​Edge
10. Thrashgasm
11. Here​ ​Lies​ ​Truth



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Skycrater - Forests of Shadow (2017)

Skycrater is the artist name of Federico Lucchi. Although Lucchi previously worked with a few bands and eventually tried starting his own one, he ended up recording his compositions mostly alone for different reasons, the prevailing one being his moving to Guangxi, China, to study vocals.

Federico Lucchi was born in Cavalese, Italy, on March 14, 1990. At the age of 8, he moved to Canada with his parents and his two brothers, where he lived 17 years. Both his Italian father and his German mother were music lovers and amateur musicians. Lucchi thus rapidly picked up a passion for music, starting to learn guitar by himself while still a kid. Since the start, he showed a keen interest in composing songs. On his 17th birthday he got an electric guitar from his father and started practicing "garage-band" riffs and composing early rock songs. His "teen stars" like Van Morrison or Mark Knopfler had been passed on to him by his mother, who shared as well the passion for rock in her youth.

Aged 25, Lucchi was accepted at the Guangxi Arts University, located in Nanning, China. He moved there to further study vocal technics with an operatic tenor course. His spare time is shared between guitar practice and song composition.

During September 2016, using his spare time, Lucchi composed, recorded and mixed his first epic/power rock album, "Journey to the Other Land", in less than 3 weeks. The album, which had been rather planned as a "test" by Federico Lucchi who had never worked on metal compositions before, was surprising well received by the public, and got a review shortly after release by the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es

The next month he started on a new project, putting more efforts into better and more powerful vocals, while keeping a similar guitars-drum-strings music line. He also upgraded his sound by playing a Spector 5-string bass, opposed to Journey to the Other Land's synth bass. The resulting album, Tale of the Frozen Valley, was released on January 1st, after three months of hard labour. Just like its predecessor, the album got a review on the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es.

From January 2017 to June of the same year, Skycrater focused on a new album, The forges of Ingur, trying again a new recipe and new sound. The album was released on June 1st, featuring darker melodies than previous works, but with a generally slower pace. In its review of the album, the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es gave a detailed and positive review, mentioning Skycrater's constant progress in vocals and general production quality.

From July 2017 to November of the same year, Skycrater relentlessly worked on his new project, "Forests of Shadow", finally released on November 30th. Using a different and harsher vocal technique, Federico Lucchi gave a more down-to-earth sound to this album, stepping back from complex orchestrations and long progressive intros. He also gave a more aggressive dynamic and quicker pace to the album compared to its predecessor, The Forges of Ingur.

Released November 30th, 2017. All music and lyrics composed by Federico Lucchi. Recorded and mixed at Dolfin Studios, Nanning, Guangxi, China.

A powerful blend of distorted guitars, drums and harsh vocals will lead you into the Forests of Shadow and through the tale of Adelmund and Dedrick the wolf.
The band's 4th metal album brings a fully new dynamic and sound to the band's curriculum.

1. Adelmund's Curse
2. The Black Wolf
3. Where is Your Hand
4. At the Silver Spring
5. The Tree and the Wolf
6. Dedrick's Wrath
7. One Day
8. Sun Will Rise Again
9. Song of Forgiveness
10. Banished into Night
11. Song of Remembrance

Full official website:
Album lyrics:


Youtube channel:


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