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Crosson - Spreading The Rock 'N' Roll Disease (2016)

Transported back in time from our decedent future, post-apocalyptic rock warriors, CROSSON, have arrived in the 21st century to save the future of Rock & Metal. Their quest to spread The Rock n Roll Disease!!! Fusing melodic heavy rock and big harmonies with a tongue-in -cheek attitude, reminiscent of THE DARKNESS, ALICE COOPER, DAVID BOWIE and KISS, CROSSON’s brand of catchy rock anthems is enticing on their new album "Spreading The Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease" Mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (OZZY OSBOURNE, MÖTLEY CRÜE) and European metal producer extraordinaire Mikko Karmila (NIGHTWISH, EDGUY, STRATOVARIUS) and mastered by U.S mastering legend Dave Donnelly (AEROSMITH, KISS, WHITESNAKE)

The first single/video „All About The Music“ is an anthemic battle cry seeing our rock warriors being transported from their post-apocalyptic world to the rooftops of metropolis performing their high energy, choreographed rock routine. Nothing can prepare you for the visual onslaught CROSSON delivers in its live show. Numerous costume changes, blended with high- energy choreography, smoke, sirens, and catchy tunes makes the CROSSON live show a seen to be believed entertaining experience. The live promo video for the second single „Rip Out My Heart“ shows CROSSON doing what they do best, delivering a bombastic stage show!!! Join the CROSSON revolution and start "Spreading The Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease"!!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrossonRock

Τετάρτη, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Stefan Berggren - Stranger In A Strangeland (2016)

STEFAN BERGGREN is one of Sweden’s best known singers, musicians and song-writers. In his almost 30 years lasting career he played in acts such as Snakes In Paradise, M3, Company Of Snakes, Razorback  and Berggren Kerslake Band amongst others and shared the stage with musicians from Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Brian May Band, Uriah Heep und Black Sabbath. Most recently he stepped in as singer for Uriah Heep at a gig in Rosenheim and played in the UK together with Don Airey (Deep Purple) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), Germany.

„Stranger In A Strangeland“ marks the release of the first solo album from this exceptional artist and features appearances from old friends such as Bernie Marsden (ex Whitesnake), Stephen Bentley-Klein (Deep Purple), Neil Murray (Black Sabbath, Whitesnake), Tomas Pomma Thorberg(Snakes In Paradise,Four Sticks,  Plankton), Sebastian Sippola (Four Sticks ,Plankton), Marcus Jidell  (Avatarium, ex Evergrey), Joakim Svalberg (Opeth), Lars Karlsson (Diamond Dogs)and more.
The album was produced by Stefan Berggren at Berggren Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and mastered by Pete Lynam (California Breed, Glenn Hughes, Slash, Rival Sons) at Infrasonic Sound Studios in Los Angeles, USA.


Τρίτη, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Darkest Sins - The Broken (2016)

Darkest Sins is a five-piece Melodic Metal band from Ålesund, Norway founded by Marius Danielsen and Anniken Rasmussen in 2009. For the last three years, the five-piece has been working on their debut album “The Broken” which released on Pride & Joy Music on October 21th, 2016. Previously, Darkest Sins have released a demo album back in 2011 and an EP in 2013. So, “The Broken” marks their first full release. The CD was mixed and mastered by Piet Sielck (Iron Saviour) who also has mixed albums for Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger, Paragon and many more.

Darkest Sins has a female and a male lead vocalist who share the vocals 50/50 both live and in the studio. This creates a great diversity in the music and makes the band stand out. Even though the Norwegians are a Melodic Metal band, they like to experiment with many different genres in their music but their roots and main influences come from classic metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the 80’s era of Black Sabbath.

Darkest Sins has proven itself as a strong live band and played shows around the most part of Norway. They have had many great special guests at their shows including Fabio Lione from Rhapsody of Fire and Tony Mills from TNT. In July 2016 they supported Anthrax in Norway. The next step will be an European tour in support of “The Broken”.

Members from Darkest Sins have also worked on different studio projects with musicians such as Tim Ripper Owens, Timo Tolkki, Mark Boals etc. More info can be found on www.mariusdanielsen.com
Darkest Sins’ keyboard player also plays in the band Tindrum with 80s legends from bands such as Europe, TNT and Jorn.

Line-up: Marius Danielsen – Vocals, guitar; Anniken Rasmussen – Vocals, bass; Sigurd Kårstad – Guitar; Peter Danielsen – Keyboard and orchestration; Ludvig Pedersen - Drums

Guest appearances by: Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) lead vocals on the 8th track, «Far Away»; Esa Ahonen (Cryonic Temple) guitar solo on the 8th track, «Far Away»; Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) guitar solo on the 1st track, «The Broken».

Facebook: www.facebook.com/darkestsinsband

Niva - Atmospherical (2016)

In the realms of melodic metal, Sweden's Lion's Share has been synonymous with class and quality for over two decades. Not least thanks to a succession of great vocalists: Andy Engberg (220 Volt, Sorcerer, Section A), Nils Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors, Wuthering Heights, Civil War et al)... and who else? Oh yes – Tony Niva, the vocal powerhouse from Lion's Share's seminal fourth album ”Entrance” (2001). What's his story?

Tony Niva started singing as a young boy in the mid-80s, inspired by the likes of Dio, Joe Lynn Turner and Geoff Tate. After cutting his teeth in classic acts like Swedish Erotica and Axia, Tony formed his own outfit NIVA whose debut album ”No Capitulation” arrived in 1994 (featuring Ian Haugland of Europe/Glenn Hughes fame behind the kit). Despite the quality of this melodic affair, NIVA folded shortly afterwards. After graduating from the university, Tony joined Lion's Share long enough to record the aforementioned ”Entrance”– and left the music scene again shortly afterwards. However, in 2011 Tony tried out for the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest with the song ”Janitor of Love”. With limited success, on paper. Creatively the result was so satisfying that Tony extended his collaboration with his new songwriting team. NIVA's comeback album ”Gold From the Future” was released in Japan in the fall of 2011. (On the European and American market, the album was released under the moniker Oxygen and entitled ”Final Warning”.)
– I've been focusing on my career in the IT business, so I didn't make much music between 1994 and 2011, says Tony. But after that second NIVA album, I made two more: ”Magnitude” in 2013 and ”Incremental IV” in 2014. And after that, I thought I might as well release what I recorded in 1995 as the intended follow-up to ”No Capitulation”: ”Relievin' Rain” (2015). Now, however, I'm back with a whole new incarnation of NIVA. On this new album, I wanted to broaden my horizons. Different production, a heavier sound. So I've been working with Lars Chriss, my old pal from the Lion's Share days.

Lars Chriss, now a highly renowned producer with the likes of Overland, Chris Ousey, Radioactive, Seven and Lugnet on his resumé, has lent his producing, song-writing and guitar-playing skills to NIVA's sixth outing, ”Atmospherical”. Don't let the title fool you – NIVA has definitely moved away from the AOR-ish, comparative softness on previous works.
– This is more of a melodic metal sound, Tony agrees. It rocks harder, it's more riff-based and the keyboards are less prominent.

Obviously. Besides Lars and Tony himself, former Lion's Share luminaries Kay Backlund (keyboards) and monster bassist Andy Loos (also of Glory, Seven, Covered Call fame – to name but a few) have also lent their considerable skills to the creation of ”Atmospherical”. The album even includes a stellar remake of Lion's Share 1988 debut single, ”I'm on a roll”. So the Lion's Share reminiscence is very much intentional. And quite welcome.

Among the plethora of great songs on ”Atmospherical”, Tony's personal favorites include the emotional ”The Mountain”, suggestive rock gem ”Forbidden Lover”, and most certainly the opening track ”Dressed to kill”.
– That's the one that started it all. When I told Lars I was making an album he said, ”you know, I've got this great track...”. A true, no frills rock anthem. We're making a video for it, directed by Patric Ullaeus (Europe, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Amaranthe... you name it). ”Atmospherical” will be released on October 28th, through the new label NIVA Music Group. This formidable outing sees Tony Niva returning to the melodic metal scene who still remembers him so fondly, without compromising his melodic roots. Talk about going in with a bang.

Produced & Mixed by: Lars Chriss (www.noterious.eu)
Mastered by: Mike Lind at Masterplant
Cover artwork and booklet design by: Carl-Andre Blekkmark

Atmospherical (2016), Relievin’ Rain (2015), Incremental IV (2014), Magnitude (2013), Gold From The Future (2011), No Capitulation (1994)


Angels or Kings - Go Ask The Moon (2016)

Angels or Kings return with their infectiously melodic new album Go Ask The Moon, continuing where they left off with an AOR treat for fans of the genre.

They were first formed in Manchester in the late 80’s and were well known to those in the UK AOR scene. The band recorded various demos and played shows the length of the country with artists such as Dare and Danger Danger. Although there had been some interest expressed by various record companies, AOK as they were then known, ultimately disbanded unable to secure a deal in a changing musical environment. Three of the original members reformed in 2011, recruited a new vocalist and subsequently began to write songs for what would become their debut album. The album was written over a period of a couple of years with the band managing to attract a good deal of attention along the way. Various radio stations had started to air the demos and one of the songs was entered into a competition and the newly renamed Angels Or Kings subsequently won the chance to open the last ever Firefest in 2014. The album Kings of Nowhere was released to coincide with this high profile festival appearance.

A wealth of positive reviews of Kings of Nowhere offered comparisons to Foreigner, Journey and Harem Scarem plus British acts FM, Strangeways and Dare. It appeared in many people's top ten albums of the year and in some cases topped the pile. Rob Evans of Classic Rock /AOR, Powerplay magazine and AOR Underground made it his album of the year in 2014. Further successful shows including an appearance at HRH AOR festival followed in 2015.

Building on this success, the band has returned to AOR Heaven to release their second album entitled Go Ask The Moon. Writing for the album started straight after Kings of Nowhere and 11 new songs have been written with the final song completed in July 2016. Again, the album was produced by Steve Kenny at his own Shabby Road studio and Mad Hat Studio in Wolverhampton.  Mixing, mastering and engineering duties were performed by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart from Mad Hat who are both well known for their work with Magnum.

The band are hopeful that a video will be released to support the album which is due out at the end of October and you can catch Angels or Kings on the final day of the Rockingham festival in Nottingham UK in October 2016.

Angels or Kings are delighted to announce that Dave Ellis  (keyboards) and Daniel Bate  (bass) have joined the band for live dates. They will join Baz Jackson (vocals) Tony Bell and Steve Kenny (guitars) and Andy Chemney (drums) to complete the lineup.

Discography: Kings Of Nowhere (2014), Go Ask The Moon (2016)

Website: www.angelsorkings.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelsorkings

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Hartmann - Shadows & Silhouettes (2016)

After numerous tours as part of Avantasia, Rock Meets Classic and as mastermind of the successful Pink Floyd Tribute Echoes the exceptional singer and guitarist Oliver Hartmann now presents his new fifth studio album „Shadows & Silhouettes“ with Hartmann after nearly four years break since the latest release "Balance". The new album released on 30th of September on the artist owned label SONIC11 in cooperation with Pride & Joy Music.

With the actual band line-up Armin Donderer (bass), Markus Kullmann (drums), Mario Reck (guitar) and supported by guest musicians as the well-known session keyboarder Jimmy Kresic (Rock Meets Classic, The Roots, Soundtopia), Miro Rodenberg (Avantasia) and also the Prague cellist Irena Morisáková and violinist Hana Vyšínská the album contains 12 extra class songs combining modern melodic Rock („Irresisitible“, „Glow“ „High on you“, I would murder for you“) with many acoustic („The letting go“, „Shadow in my eyes“, „Still the same“) and partly very intimate moments („Jaded heart“, „Last goodbye“) pointing up the broadness and complexity of Hartmann. The catchy single „When your mama was a hippie“  released as video clip.

The album has been co-produced again by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Edguy, Kamelot, Beyond The Black, etc.) and mixed/mastered at Gate Studios Wolfsburg/Germany.

Tour dates:
01.10. Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal
08.10. Jonnys Lion Cave CH - Wartau
04.11. Jettingen / Tommi's Bistro
13.11. München / Garage
27.11. Ludwigsburg / Rockfabrik (H.e.a.t. Festival)

Line-up: Oliver Hartmann (guitar/vocals), Mario Reck (guitar), Armin Donderer (bass), Markus Kullmann (drums), Jimmy Kresic (add. keys)



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Creye - Never Too Late (Single 2016)

The idea of Creye was born in Malmö, Sweden in early 2015.
After many years of c in different bands, guitarist & songwriter Andreas Gullstrand felt that it was time to turn it all up a notch.
The vision was to start a new Swedish supergroup that would take you on a journey right back to the glory-full days of the eighties, both musically and visually on stage.
After spending nearly two months just experimenting with the sound of the band, Andreas settled on what could best be described as a slick melodic rock sound with a touch of 80's retro wave in the mix.
Since there were no room for errors, the decision to hire studio musicians for the first song was made almost immediately. He also didn't want anyone interfering with the songwriting and creative process.
The most crucial part was finding a singer with the right voice for this. A singer that not only had a great voice, but also the ability to put som heart and feeling into it. And after only a few days of searching Andreas came across this youtube video of Alexander Strandell singing the debut single "Moving on" by his band Art nation on Swedish Idol.  And it just completely blew his mind.
The next day Alexander was asked if he would be interested in singing on the debut song for Creye and the rest is history.
With one of the best singers in Sweden on-board Andreas felt that he could finally proceed with his plans for the band. He then contacted producer and keyboard player Erik Wiss to kind of make sure that he was going in the right direction with this and also to push him out of his comfort-zone. Erik and Andreas had worked together previously and had a great creative chemistry between them.
With about five songs written, Andreas and Erik both agreed that Never Too Late would be the perfect debut for Creye!

As the recording grew closer Andreas still hadn't found a suiting drummer or a bass player. And this was really becoming a fast growing issue. But one day out of the blue Alexander contacted him, asking if everything was going okay. And if he had musicians enough to record everything. And he suggested that Andreas would consider using the then new drummer in Art nation to do the job.
As it turned out Carl Tudén was a prodigy to say the least. Having won the Swedish drum championship the previous year. This guy was more than qualified for the job.
Due to the fact that both Alexander and Carl were located in Gothenburg it was decided that drums and vocals would be recorded at the highly recommended Top Floor studios that’s located right in the heart of Gothenburg. Jakob Hermann who owns the place is well known all over the world for his amazing recording and arranging skills.
And the work he did on both the drum & vocal parts just took Never Too Late to an whole other level.
As for the bass part it was actually Erik that suggested Linus Abrahamson. Linus has previously played with great bands like Andromeda and Freak kitchen. And a more well prepared and professional musician would be hard to find. He actually saved Creye nearly half a day of studio-time doing the whole thing in three takes. Two of them being soundcheck and arranging takes.
To make sure everything was played to perfection even on the guitar parts Andreas felt that it could be a interesting learning experience to actually hire a studio-musician even for that. Just to see how a session guitarist would play it.
And there were only one guy that was good enough for the job. That guy was Andrée Theander from the Theander Expression.
What came back from Andrée was a very good guitar arrangement to say the least. So it's actually both Andreas and Andrée that's playing the rhythm guitar parts on Never Too Late.
The very last thing that was tracked were the vocal harmonies. Since already half of Art nation was involved in Creye Andreas asked Christoffer Borg as well. Christoffer is actually (besides from playing guitar in Art nation) the singer of the AOR band Taste. And is a very talented singer indeed.
And his voice worked very well for the harmony parts. With all the bits and pieces in place Erik mixed the whole thing and Thomas Plec did the mastering. The end result was just flawless!
This is just the beginning of the Swedish Supergroup Creye!

Theander Expression - Wonderful Anticipation (2016)

Theander Expression is the AOR project by Swedish guitar player Andrée Theander, who started to work with the first album in 2012 and released it one year later. It was called ”Strange Nostalgia” after one of the songs and got critically acclaimed around the world of melodic rock in 2013.

Just over two years later the follow-up is finally here and it carries the title ”Wonderful Anticipation”, as a kind of an antonym to the frequently misinterpreted debut title.

Andrée has been producing and recording most of the album at the Theander studio, playing all the guitars and handles also most of the bass and keyboards, some percussion, drum programming and vocals.

Other musicians featured on the album are Herman Furin (Work of Art), Bengan Andersson (NIVA, Johan Randén), Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (Care of Night), Björn Lundqvist (Sunstrike, Twilight Force), Christian Eriksson (Sunstrike, Twilight Force), Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T), Sebastian Freij and Christoffer ”Foffe” Särnefält.

The record was mixed and mastered by Thomas ”Plec” Johansson at Panic Room Studios in the end of 2015 and the result is another high class rock record with classic melodies and a modern production, ready to hit the market in 2016.

Track listing: 

1. Anticipation Anthem, 
2. You always ran away, 
3. Wonderful Anticipation, 
4. Ms. Tendy, 
5. Factoids & Fallacies, 
6. Into The Valley, 
7. Never Surrender, 
8. The Loner, 
9. Someday (I'll Be There To Meet You) 
10. On My Own, 
11. State Of Flow


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